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Are all Casinos Equal

That is the one question people wonder. Whether they play regular casinos or online it is one of those things that people seem to feel they are not. Basically casino games are designed to payout when they have had a certain amount of play, so if that particular casino has a lot of customer putting into the machines then they will payout more often. It is built on a coin in and out system, more put in the faster it pays out. However there is ways to lower the payouts by having it set at the lowest percentage.

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Such as some casinos have a 97% payout while others might only have a 40%. Online however most of the casinos payout between 89 – 97 overall. Which means that some casino games may have a low payout and others a high payout. The online casinos flexibility on this is not much. Certain software providers set this what the owner/operator of the casino has no influence at all on how it will pay. Other software providers have settings but they only can pick high payouts, medium payouts and lower payouts. At lower it is still much higher than many land operations. Most people know that Native casinos have very low payouts and overall some pay less than 2% out which is why people loose a lot of money in them. This does not happen online anymore, it use to back when they first started but of course those casinos did not last long. People play others and find out it is better elsewhere so they never came back to the low payout ones. That is where land have an advantage of using a low paying system since normally they are the only ones around for a long ways. So they can take advantage, online they have competition everywhere so they must have decent payouts to keep users coming back. If not they do not last. Which can hurt new casinos when they start up getting hit with big winners right away. It is just part of the business and they must be prepared for it.